Weapons exhibition that calls to preserve the cultural heritage and power of interpretation of the history trough material elements(video+360 Photographs)

Within the exhibition in the Bosnian Institute – Adil Zurfikarpasic foundation there are few example of weapons and firearms from the period of XV til XX century. The weapons often symbolise the time from when it dates, so is with these examples. They show power, progress and the creative spirit of the time that it dates from. [umetnime] Also, one of the characteristics of the weapons is showing and maintaining the status of the man in society as a symbol of the protector of the family and house. Actually these weapons characterise Bosnia and Herzegovina from that period and from which we can see the progress and the competence for the war. There are few examples of weapons that were used in our country -Jatagan- or -Handzar- which is a type of long knife that was usually carried by men in Bosnia and Herzgovina. -Sablja- was a common equipment between weapons that came in our country rough the Ottoman Empire, and very quickly the small shotgun called -Kabura-. There were few more firearms that gained their names by the place where they were produces. The biggest firearms that men were carrying were this long shotguns, so called -Sisane-. Actually the weapons were produced in many places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with those were opened stores that were selling weapons. [umetnime] The weapon is a characteristical part of the material and non material heritage. The men were using it as a display of the power and status so they were giving big attention to the production of the weapon. Beside that it was very important to have weapons that are richly decorated so that process was made with different caligpaphical methods and sometimes they were embellished with stones and mother of pearl. It was interesting that the men were not showing on big events without expensive weapons and the same was not intended for fights. If you look at this weapons you can clearly see the status of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this period. Its very important the existence of an exhibition like this, that calls for the preservation of the cultural heritage and the power of interpretation of the history trough material evidence. With that it gives to all of us space to conclude something abut the weapons from the period from XV-XX century. [umetnime]

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