Leatherworking is not a job where without success and work overnight, success is achieved

[umetnime] Crafts are a trademark of the old Bosnian-Herzegovinian charms. The word craft in the Bosnian language came under the Turkish language. In Turkish, it is originally an art, and its basic meaning in the Arabic language, would be work, profession, production, and – artistic crafts. The mere meaning indicates that the craft is actually both art and craft at the same time. [umetnime] One of the crafts that slowly disappears is tannery. Interest to which many old Sarajlija have dealt with, and by whom they have given up their families. The portal www.domacin.ba today brings you a story about the family business of Bešlić family. Namely, Senka and Enes have been successfully engaged in tanning for many years. They conveyed their love for leatherwork and tailoring to their children who successfully attended the Central Textile School in Sarajevo. [umetnime] In the video attachment, see how one process of making a leather handbag and belt looks:

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