Sarajevo's City Hall – the most imposing object in the city of Sarajevo

[umetnime] Located on the address Obala Kulina bana 1, Sarajevo’s City Hall is the most impressive object in Sarajevo. It was built during the Austro – Hungarian rule in the pseudomaur style, which was the most used style of construction during that time. The project of construction had been done by Alexander Wittek and it was based on the Kemal II’s mosque in Cairo. [umetnime] Historians claim that Wittek had got mentally sick and commited suicide because he had been accused that City Hall was not built according to the project  (insufficient light in the main auditorium of the building). Completion of Wittek’s project was entrusted to Ćirilo M. Iveković in 1894. Complete construction of the City Hall lasted from 1892. till 1894. After opening, the City Hall was the residence of that time city government and administration. After the Second World War, the City Hall was the residence of the District court of Sarajevo and the convocation of Bosnia and Herzegovina till 1949. After that it became the City library, ie. The National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina. [umetnime] The City Hall represents the symbol of the encounter of civilizations. It was burned during the shelling and two – day fire on 25th and 26th August 1992. About 80% of the documents, magazines and historical books of Bosnia and Herzegovina were burned then, ie. over two million of books, journals and documents. It has been restored on 9th May 2014, thanks to the donations of governments of Austria and the European Commission. On the 5th September 2006 the City Hall was declared a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The City Hall building is the residence of the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo, where the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located and in which various cultural events of public nature are held. [umetnime]  

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