The Fortress of Maglaj – a place where by viewing one cuddling the city and its „Çarşi“(photo+ 360 photos)

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[umetnime] Do you ask yourself each weekend where would you go to rest your soul? Somewhere under standards, or somewhere up to the Zenica – Doboj Canton. Want to get away from everyday life, and try to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s always best to get connected comfort and usefulness. Everyday life can always be bravely demolished in some fortresses, why would not be Maglaj’s fortress this time? [umetnime] “The fog disappeared,” and the beautiful Maglaj came from that fog. On the slopes of the Ozren Mountains and on the right bank of the river Bosna, one can see houses of the town of Maglaj in an impending order. The town is small and counts only some 3 428 inhabitants, maybe a little more or maybe even less. Who counts it? What matters in Maglaj is its history written out from the ancient charters. Maglaj’s fortress is mentioned in the Charter of Sigismund, the King of Hungary, for the first time. At the time of the Ottoman period,The Fortress served to defend the Bosnian kingdom, but only later gets its real form. I can write about it, but you could not feel it, until you touch the stone fortress, and you do not pass through its corridors, you can not even feel the weight of history. The fortress was built in the 13th century. It is the first medieval fortress, which the Ottomans had it undergone. The Maglaj Fort consists of five towers: Širbegova, Dizdareva, Boundary Tower, Captain’s Tower and Clock Tower. It is considered that the timekeeper sometimes had a bell. However, there are no reliable sources. In some legends, it is mentioned that the sound of the golden coin broke in the Maghaki Akash, in the early hours of the evening. [umetnime] The best view is the one from the top, when you climb this fortress. You can see Maglaj itself. By looking at the city and its magic, you see the river Bosna. The inhabitants of Maglaj town will welcome you the most with the legend of the city. Maglaj is a city of Bosnian life whose customs have been preserved to this day, the openness of the Maglaj Paradise, and the word of the magician is at every step. You will bring the beauty of the Maglaj’s fort as soldiers that carry the most beautiful medals from the greatest wars.   For more 360 photos click here

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