Kraljeva Sutjeska – the place where the history of one country had been written in the mos t beautiful writing called "bosancica"

Many lovers of Bosnian history and culture will tell you that Kraljeva Sutjeska is the special place where you find inspiration and fill your batteries. Sometime long ago in the period of magnificent medieval  state, this city was the metropolis of the kings. That is location where the history had been written in the most beautiful writing, bosančica. [umetnime] Geographically positioned near Kakanj, historically very important, Kraljeva Sutjeska became the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fortified city served for the habitation of the monarchs, for the great feasts and receptions. Many were eating there, dear readers, with golden spoons; many were drinking from golden glasses; and the most beautiful ball dances were danced there. Our historical giants Stjepan Tomaš, Tvrtko II and beloved Queen Katarina lived there. [umetnime] Beautiful landscape of Kraljeva Sutjeska exudes with antiquity, freedom and greatness of one country, the most respected and the most literate people of that age lived and wrote for us. The Franciscans have left a large number of monasteries as a gift which we have to protect and among them is one in Kraljeva Sutjeska and it has distinct beauty. There are records which say that the monastery was built at the beginning of the 14th century. Just one century later Ottomans would come there and they brought new culture, religion and they were going to build one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The legend says that Mehmed II the Conqueror stopped there to perform an afternoon prayer and ordered to build a mosque which would be the symbol of new state and faith. The domiciled people of this historically important place was  always famous for its hospitality and kindness. They try to keep the spirit of the kingdom and broadcast it to new generations  in a very original way, in folk costumes of the medieval Bosnia and Herzegovina. The locals are successful in increasing the number of new tourists and increasing the interest for this place; by cultivation and sale of their own products, they succeed to live from historical tourism. [umetnime] Its most beautiful glow Kraljeva Sutjeska gets during religious holidays, when thousands of pilgrims come to the church that is the part of the Franciscan monastery. The monastery is a great treasury of cultural and historical treasure, testimonies of life and a great, defiant and proud Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yes, dear reader, most of the books that are here are written in bosančica, the writing of your ancestors.

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