The old town of Vranduk allows you to see how the life is expected in the times of kingdom (photogallery)

[umetnime] Vranduk is a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina located about 10 km from the center of Zenica. The name of the town is derived from the word branduk – brani (eng. defend). The first mention of this town dates back to 1410, in the appeals of Dubrovnik citizens, who sent to the king of Hungary all about the operation of his soldiers. It is impossible to mention the town of Vranduk, and to miss the fortress of the same name that represents the true medal of this city. It is assumed that the old town of Vranduk was erected at the end of the 14th century and represents the treasury of knowledge of medieval Bosnia. [umetnime] Since its founding until 1463, when the Ottomans conquered Bosnia, Vranduk was a ban and then a royal city. King Tomas paid special attention to this city, and he undertook the church of St. Thomas, his patron. He received the privileges of the Pope for this act. He also repaired the city and strengthened its ramparts. There are many traces and scars left in Vranduk that are still visible hundreds of years later. In addition to the medieval period there are traces left by the Ottomans and then the Austrian troops. Numerous archaeological finds from the Middle Ages and the Ottoman period, such as pots, jewelery, coins, tools etc., are found inside the walls of the old town. The fortress exudes simplicity, it belongs to the type of mountain forts and consists of a castles with a main tower and surrounding walls. Despite the changes and additions that have taken place, the fortress has retained its original form. The fortress has been restored and turned into a museum. Visitors coming to Vranduk, hoping to learn more about Bosnian history. They can visit the fortress in Vranduk, where there are various settings that can visualize how life looked like in the past. [umetnime] After you go to the big tower you will be greeted with various tools and tools that were used in the medieval period, in addition to pottery and knitting uniforms. Once you climb up the narrow stairs leading to the second floor, you will be able to see how the royal dress looks and the setting of the table will show you how their royal dinners looked like. Eventually, if you come to the third floor, you’ll see how it looked to be a clerk, there are the clerk’s uniforms, the writing desk, the old paper, the pen and everything else that was needed once in a dribble. The fortress Vranduk and its walls do not escape only with the cold stone from which it was built, but with the defiance, courage and history. The fortress is designated as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many reasons to visit Vranduk, and the fortress represents only one of them.

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