On the first sight the old and decrepit medieval states were wrapped in the veil of secret spells known to a very small number of people, and today even smaller. Yet what the inhabitants of these areas have borne is faith in God and a sacrifice for one and only Bosnia. No, medieval Bosnia was a supra-national creation, but a civilization process that enabled people to understand, understand their soil in which they lived, but this process also led to the mosaic of religion, thinking and creation of today’s multiculturalism. [umetnime] The Bosnian kings in their affairs included then a very important institution to the Church of Bosnia, which, regardless of differences, did not exclude either the Catholic or the Orthodox Church. Yes, then people cooperated and participated in all decisions together, they did not separate because they loved the country they live in, the country that feeds them. [umetnime] Imagine moving from Sarajevo to the weekend route where you know the wealth of your country. You go so lightly and you go through the passage of a cultural history, Visoko, King Sutjeska, Vranduk, Maglaj and finally you arrive there. Here the knights defended honor and wrote history, and attacked and tried to destroy one city, one state many, but failed. [umetnime] Strategic one of the most important cities of medieval Bosnia was Doboj. Our ancestors also known as the valley colors. Many blood flowed through the rivers Usorom, Sprečo and Bosnom, yet our ancestors were proud because they preserved the historical treasure for future generations. [umetnime] There is a lot of readers, catapults fired, swords broken and many times wounds on the fortress are overwhelmed. Gradina or Stari grad Doboj was built in the 13th century, and first mentioned in 1415 in the charter sent to the Hungarian Emperor. The stories of Doboj from knee to knee from centuries and memories have been broadcast, but they are well known to two versions of the story about how this city got its name. Some say that Sultan Mehmed II had once left his luggage in this city, and that Doboj originated from the Turkish word for luggage, and the other is that the name Doboj is inspired by the historical battles played on this ground. While the fighting was taking place around them, the inhabitants of this old city enjoyed themselves inside the walls. They had, and then, and the memory of that we have now an amphitheater where all the cultural events of the then vakta were going on. Positioned on the characteristic shape of the hill of volcanic origin and yet rich in underground tunnels that served to communicate the upper and lower parts of the population, the fortress is a true treasure of this region. Some dealers of this vault used exactly these tunnels as a shelter for the food and groceries they sold. While merchants sold their products at the entrance were knights, the guards of this fort were welcoming their visitors and offering them rakija medovačkom. It’s not an ordinary brandy of the honeybee. It was a brandy made according to an ancient recipe.   See more 360 degrees photos

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