The Sarajevo's room of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia

[umetnime] Though it was neither the largest nor the most luxurious, as you see yourself, the room of Austrian Heir to the Throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia, however, has been decorated with charm, elegance and splendor. It is well known that Franz Ferdinand and his spouse  Sofia came to Sarajevo , among other things, to visit Austrian troops on military maneuvers. Although the visit was supposed to be short, the accommodation was a splendid at that time. [umetnime] You can notice that the interior of the room is warm. When we look at furniture and all the other objects in the room, it looks like we’re present there. We have the feeling that the furniture is so unique and expensive, that we are simply afraid of thinking of sitting on a royal sofa or using tea with biscuits from royal china cupcakes. [umetnime] In this beautiful room, the Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia spent their last night.

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