The bridge at Plandište, better known as the Roman Bridge, is located in the Ilidza area, and it has a lot of history behind it.


The bridge at Plandište, better known as the ‘Roman Bridge’, is located in the Ilidza area, and it has a lot of history behind it. It is located at the western entrance to Sarajevo, about two kilometers downstream from the source of the river Bosna. It is not known exactly which year was built and who was responsible for its existence, but for the first time it is mentioned by the Venetian Katarin Zeno in the 16th century, who said that there is a stone bridge on the Bosna River, with seven arches. Which would mean that the Roman bridge existed at the time of the Middle Ages. During that period, Bosnia was in direct relation with Dubrovnik, and it is assumed that there must have been a bridge in the Middle Ages due to the trade route and the transfer of goods, across the river.


This bridge is said to be a paradox, its name is the Roman Bridge, and not a single Roman crossed over that bridge. But, there is an explanation for everything. The bridge we know today was built in the Ottoman period on the foundations of the Roman bridge that existed there before. There is a theory that the Roman Bridge was built of Roman tombstones that were in the immediate vicinity, and that is why it is called the Roman Bridge, but these are just assumptions.

The truth is that the bridge is striking and that it looks magnificent in every season. In winter, it fits perfectly into the snowy whiteness, while in summer the surrounding trees and greenery create a very beautiful scene. The Roman bridge, for its beauty and history, gazes its eyes and represents a building that is quite visited by photographers, who use the opportunity for beautiful photographs that can be made here.


Bridges do not leave us indifferent, some cause admiration and awe while others are enchanting. The Roman bridge fascinates and causes a stir. In addition to the Latin Cuprija, Kozija Cuprija and Seher-Cehajina cuprija, the Roman Bridge is one of the fourth preserved stone bridge in the area of Sarajevo. The natural-architectural ensemble of the Most in Plandište (Roman Bridge, Bridge over the river Bosna in Plandište) was proclaimed in 2005 as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enjoy the shots recorded by our team!



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