There are many stories about the past days today, and perhaps for a few years the story about the way of life then will be extinct.


Today, as we are naught about ourselves, our traditions and cultures are turning to the west, and we feel a disgrace to tell someone where we are from and what we have done in our

lives. West doesn’t want us, if it wanted us it would do much to help us, and did not offer only what violates our Bosnian-Herzegovinian society. Many of the sofras with the sweetest foods we ate are outdone and forgotten. The smell of hot cake and somun replaces white bread, so today we are healthy. And I – I will never be embarrassed from where I am, I am not ashamed of my grandma and her colorful scarfs, my mom and her colorful “dimije”. We don’t have time for our closest relatives or friends, we’d rather sit at home, chat on facebook and apologize for not having time for them rather than to go to coffee and talk in person, but that cost us, there is no time, and we have to buy it. Our elders have left many things to us in “amanet”, they are no longer here today, but there are many memories, tips and some vivid photographs that remind us of some good times of the past.



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