Masjid is for muslim the oasis of peace

The term faith dates back to the very beginning of civilization. The primary goal of every believer is a connection with God and the most effective way is prayer. Prayer is the establishment of a relationship with the form of a spiritual being and presupposes the existence of a transcendental force that overcomes man in every way and with which he can communicate. In the primitive and superficial understanding of religion, especially among natural people, exists a danger that man will regard his desires as a measure of divine power. To pray means to talk to a spiritual being and to stay with him, to express thoughts and feelings, etc. [umetnime] Adil – bey Zulfikarpašić who was politician and publicist had written a new page in the history of Bosnian – Herzegovinian foundations, by establishing Bosniak Institute in Zurich in 1988 with desire to move it to Bosnia and Herzegovina one day. In early 2001, after the completion of construction of a new building with modern equipment and transfer of the main funds (library, archive, collection of artistic works) from the Institute in Zurich, the Bosniak Institute – Foundation of Adil – bey Zulfikarpašić began working in Sarajevo. [umetnime] The Bosniak Institute is decorated by many things, but one of them has a special beauty and it attracts the attention of every visitor. Precisely speaking, it is a masjid placed inside the Bosniak Institute. Masjid is a place in which Muslims perform their religious duties, leaving all gloomy thoughts and worries out of the masjid and pray in peace. As soon as yo enter the masjid, you will be enchanted by its inside beauty. On the walls can be seen beautiful Arabic texts and decorative patterns that remind us on decorating walls that dates back to the Ottoman period. The floor is covered with antique woven rugs that makes you get lost in the beauty of the decorative patterns that are on it. Also, there is a stand for tespih (Muslims use it when they finish the prayer) and a stand for the Qur’an (the Holy Book of the Muslims), and, of course, rugs on which Muslims perform their prayers. [umetnime]  

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