Lake Nula – a beautiful pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which beauty will take your breath

Lake Nula - a beautiful pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina , which beauty will take your breath

Lake Nula or better known as lake Smreka is located not so far from Vareš.The Lake was formed on the surface burrow of the former iron ore mine „Smreka“, in the early 1990s. This lake is the largest well of drinking water in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The depth of the lake is 107 meters, its length is 610 meters, while its width is 320 meters. The water in the lake itself comes from nearby streams and groundwater. The lake can be accessed from a local road.

It is most often used by anglers and swimmers. In the period from January and February, the lake is frozen by an average of 40 cm of ice. It is surrounded by the hill Kota, on the north side, and the hill Vekovac, on the south side. Surrounded by mountains, in the lake itself it is still possible to find machines used in the former mine. Also, in front of the lake there are other mining facilities, so you can see, after 30 years that it used to be a mine.

The lake itself, take a breath away every visitor, with his beauty. Lake lovers and nature lovers, we definitely recommend you to visit this beautiful pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With its greenish-blue color, the lake has an amazing and relaxing effect on every visitor. Therefore, if you are thinking about where you could travel and relax, then we definitely recommend that you visit Vareš first, and than this beautiful lake Nula.


       Written by Dalila Šečić

                                                                                                   Translated by Alma Gadžo

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