Small wooden water mills on the Pliva river called Mlinčići - guardians of the tradition several hundred years old They are over 400 years old and are an example of traditional local carpentry skills.

The royal town of Jajce is located at the confluence of the rivers Pliva and Vrbas. Although the valleys of the Pliva and Vrbas have been inhabited since ancient times, this royal city began to develop in the Middle Ages, and its founder was Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvantić. The city itself was the capital of the Bosnian kings, and therefore bears the epithet of a royal city.

There are numerous sights in this city that are worth visiting, due to their historical, natural and archaeological beauty. One of these attractions are the little mills called mlinčići. They are located between the Great and Small Pliva Lakes, and they are built of oak wood. They are over 400 years old and are an example of traditional local carpentry skills.

Data from 1562 say that there were 24 mills at that time, of which only six were not in function. In the 17th century, the number of little mills increased to 26. They were then owned by landowners, and were given for use to the local population, who paid landowners a tax on flour.

Although they have not been in function for a long time, the little mills in Jajce attract a large number of tourists, but they are mostly targeted by foreign and domestic photographers. In 2009, the little mills/ mlinčići was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In May 2011, unknown perpetrators set fire to four grinders, which burned to the ground. Two years later, the burning mills were rebuilt as part of the 14th Regional Restoration Camp.

Translated: Alma Gadžo

Written by: Samra Raković

Video: Dalila Šečić

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