The Bistrik swamp is a protected area located a few kilometers away from Kakanj,more precisely, in the nearness of the settlement of Haljinići. It was created artificially as a result of the exploitation of an underground mine, composed of three water surfaces, of which only one, the largest one, survives throughout the year. It is a habitat for over 122 species of plants, 212 species of birds, 30 species of dragonflies, eight species of amphibians, seven species of reptiles and 13 species of mammals. In addition, several species of fish and insects also live here. In this place, migratory birds spend some time during their migrating journey, which is a unique opportunity for their more detailed study and observation.

According to official data, that fund represents two thirds of their total number in our country. Although it is relatively close to populated areas and the city itself, coming to this locality gives a feeling of complete isolation, peace and harmony, and during the warmer days, especially weekends, you can often meet many citizens of Kakanj, lovers of nature and good rest, and lately more and more cyclists.

Recognizing the importance of this habitat, the competent authorities included it in the protected area. In order to get the most complete experience of the Bistrik swamp, the documentary :”I feel like I’m in paradise”, was made.


Written by Mirza Imamović

Translated by Alma Gadžo

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