The River Buna canals -Where love begins

Bunski kanali

The river Buna canals -Where love begins

Thre river Buna canals is place where happiness takes two, love takes two,, and so, natural beauty takes, at least, two. The rivers Buna and Neretva, near Mostar speak the most beautiful language.


Fairy tale of two rivers called the river Buna canals

They speak with one voice about how their fairy tale begin. A fairy tale of two rivers.When two rivers met, they just became one.At
the confluence of the Buna and Neretva rivers, the fluvial process was created by natural phenomena, characteristic only for this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, recognizable by travertine waterfalls, which connect the Buna with the Neretva.In this part, the entire river Neretva flows into the river Buna canals, a little more than three meters wide and about 850 meters long.
This phenomenon can only be seen in the summer, when the water level of the Neretva River is extremely low – when it is brought to a biological minimum, by the regulation of dams.
Beside off its attractive appearance, exceptional scientific significance and research potential for various fields of study, the river Buna canals are becoming a significant natural tourist potential from year to year, representing a destination worth visiting

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