The motive of a lily is a symbol of rich medieval history of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The motive of a lily is a symbol of rich medieval history of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The motive of a lily as a symbol of rich medieval history of our country has always supervened to admiration and respect. Even during a firm rule of the Kotromanić dynasty, on whose escutcheon it found its own sublime place, the lily was the object of great obeisances by neighbouring monarchs, but also hostile rulers. [umetnime] Under a dark blue shield with six golden lilies separated with perfectly withdrawn white line, army of the Bosnian kingdom spread its boundaries to the sea and east. From the palace on Bobovac were sent authoritative and respected messages to whom the western and eastern primaries obeyed without hesitation. Until that age the Bosnian lily testified the most expansive period of the Bosnian statehood and the existence of the country in which we live nowadays. Lilium bosniacum, from which everything started, got a special place on the botanical map of the lily family thanks to the specific look and origin, because it cannot be found nowhere else except beautiful Bosnian mountains. Kraljeva Sutjeska jealously keeps memories on that golden period in its Franciscan monastery. Despite many temptations and challenges, the Bosnian Franciscans succeeded to keep many worthy artifacts of medieval times through many centuries. On many artifacts are found lilies. Coins which were used to make transactions, carefully crafted and used, has survived to this day as silent witness of the age when the Bosnian statehood was created. [umetnime] Entering this little “village” which belongs to the Kakanj municipality, you will find the silence that is interrupted by the mild gutter of the untouched Trstionica river, which divides Sutjeska into two parts – the old and the new one. The silence lives there for a while and it becomes louder, because the locals of this place are older generations of people. The youth goes to other cities to find their luck. Walking on the road along its flow, on the left side you will be welcomed by autochthonous appearance and splendor of one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose building was ordered by Sultan Mehmed El – Fatih. [umetnime] Maybe you will not feel the royal spirit in this small place immediately, but with entering in the space around the Monastery, a gentle glance of Queen Katarina from replica of her throne, which is placed at the foot of the old walls of the former glorious castle, will tell you the proud history of Sutjeska. You expect that she is going to greet you gently every moment, because it seems like she is there, like in the period when the feeling of belonging to the famous Bosnian crown was spread out of here. The high rocks that from the north side surround Kraljeva Sutjeska make the gate that upstream along the Trstionica river leads to the even higher Bobovac. Hills between these two places observe every curious passenger. Bosnia was born and dressed in this area. The Bosnian signet was here hit, fed and defended. And it will exist, if God gives!

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