This is the most beautiful location in Sarajevo that every tourist must visit

This is the most beautiful location in Sarajevo that every tourist must visit

With the Austro – Hungarian coming on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina many changes happened. The city that had the spirit of the Ottoman culture started coopting the spirit of the west and became the place where east and west meet. Political, strategic and economic aims of the Austro – Hungarians required literacy on the European level and bigger number of the educated. Bosnia and Herzegovina, as one of the still uninvestigated countries on the Balkans, attracted many curious scientists, especially those from the Austro – Hungarian Empire. That contributed to the adoption of more concrete measures in  the opening of the museum, which meant the establishment of Museum society after which the National government founded the National museum for Bosnia and Herzegovina on 1st February 1888. For the manager of the Museum was named government’s advisor Kosta Hörman. [umetnime] Located in the heart of Sarajevo, built in the neo – renaissance style by the architect Karl Paržika, this museum is the only one in the entire region of Eastern Europe which is built only in that purpose. [umetnime] The National museum in Sarajevo has collected a great number of cultural and national heritage during its 100-year existence. [umetnime] Exhibits are sorted by departments: archeological, ethnological and department of natural sciences, in several different collections; the most important exhibit in the museum is famous Hagada from Sarajevo, traditional Jewish book which Sephards brought from Spain after they had been expelled. [umetnime] National museum has breathtaking botanical garden in its central part. It presents the only monument of this kind in Sarajevo. It was founded in 1913 and its founder was Karlo Maly, prominent botanist. Botanical garden owns very rich herbarium and is home for many rare, endemic and exotic kinds of flora. National museum has been the most beautiful jewel of Sarajevo for centuries and is one of the most favorite tourist attractions. It is truly inevitable location for visiting in the city and in country, of course.  

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