Bosnian room is Bascarsija in four walls

Bosnian room is Bascarsija in four walls

If you wish to meet a man, look over his threshold. Probably we all heard of this expression even tho we never asked ourself about the meaning. Very often the things we present in front of our homes is not a mirror of what is really happening. The same is with people, the outside look, the smile, the joy. All that does not reflect the inside of the soul. Even thought, there is always a nice smelling flowers inside the weeds. Wondering inside the box of memories, old stories and cartoons from The Bosnia and Herzegovina history and culture we feel the smell of the flowers in the old Bosnian room.


The Bosnian room consists of the shirt sofas that are usually put on the edges of the room, and the bedside that are under the windows, so the one who is sitting on the sofa can look over the window and see his yard. The curtains on the the window are always homemade. Very ofter they are brought in the home as inheritance of the bride. Those curtains are the most beautiful details thats stands out in the room. In the middle of the room there is usually a wooden coffee table, and somewhere in the corner there is a metal table usually used to serve the food.

On the other side there is a wooden cabinet where you usually would keep the sheets and blankets. This room would transform itself very quickly from a dining room to a bedroom. The plates to serve the food in the Bosnian room would usually be from coper, aluminium or wood. The unique details are for sure the woodcraft parts of the furniture, the craftwork that even today represent a form of art that is on the UNESCO lis of cultural heritage.


The Bosnian room is a very important segment of the history, as well as the present of our people, our existing and being. All that it contains has an extraordinary meaning fo the architectonical puzzle of our County. Before it was used for rest, enjoying the day from morning till night. Its is really a pleasure to drink the Bosnian coffee, too eat our traditional sweets and talk till the dawn knocks on the windows. For real the Bosnian room brings with itself out of ordinary stories in an ordinary place. Unfortunately, beside the museum examples and the exhibit in the Bosnian Institute they are really rare the places where you can have that kind of experience, and the opportunity to enjoy the Bosnian room. If you go lil bit deeper in thinking of the Bosnian room and remember out sofas, homemade curtains, coper plates and all those symbols, do you remember something. When I close my eyes and think of the Bosnian room i remember Bascarsija. For me Bascarsija is a Bosnian room in four walls, and for you? If you are not sure and you cant connect with your thoughts, the best thing is to go visit the Bosnian room in the Bosnian Institute. Experience it as it was before, full of pleasure so you can walk with Bascarsija in four walls.

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