One generation is leaving, and the other comes, and that country, that Bosnia always remains. He remains afraid to testify that he still sings this sevdah. These rivers flow fast, and the water is always cold and goes to the same sea from which it returns to begin its flow again. [umetnime] No, readers, her story is not written on myths and legends as others do. Everything before us existed and everything will remain behind us, so also witnesses of history written with swords and fighters of a brave heart. Yeah, read, if you thought we were thinking of the shrouds you hit, but you probably did not know there was an old town of Bužim that credibly witnesses life in the 12th century. The traces of a strong and developed fortress that represented the continuity of life in the Buža area was located at 325 meters above sea level, and its full glory sited in the period of developed Middle Ages. It is interesting that it was built at the time of the cold weapon, and later it was built and fastened by new walls and towers. The then inhabitants of the old town used a beautifully sunken plank and stone groove. What impressed her and gave her a special charm were towers, loopholes, chambers, dungeons, bastions, ramparts, and taboos. [umetnime] Sometimes the entrance to this town was decorated with a stone slab printed with a glagolitic script: “This city was built from the foundation, the elected leader Juraj Mikulicic. At that time in Croatia there was no better man. King Matthias was known for great honesty. For the Emperor of the Turks known as the man who found the peace of the whole country of Hungary. And the car of the Roman good man called him. And each of these chiefs gave him gifts, and the Croats executed him at the command of Prince Ivaniš. Who would like such a man to call such a city based on the summit … ” The inscription refers to the construction of an exterior city built by Juraj Mikulicic in 1484. During the occupation, an Austro-Hungarian officer was given this plate as a valuable cultural monument to the then People’s Museum in Zagreb. Today, this slab is located in the monument of the Croatian History Museum. The old or inner fortress was once a smaller castle with high circular towers dating from the first days, and in the 15th century the castle got a new fort. The walls and towers of the new fortifications are far below, and at the top there were positions for the cannons. The shape of the inner city itself is a regular quadruple, and still there are still partially preserved remains of the cistern, the walls of the stone mosque, which was established by the arrival of the Ottoman Empire on the foundations of the ancient parish church of St. Clement. On the corners of the inner city there are round towers, which are in very poor condition today. [umetnime] It was the old town of Bužim, a center of military and civilian power in this area, and today traces of time are visible, and what we should be proud of is only the oronula and abandoned fortress to testify about the burning and interesting past of this region.

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