The turbeh of seven brothers – legend says…

The turbeh of seven brothers – legend says...


The turbeh of the seven brothers is a jedler tekke in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  In 1879, Sejfulah Iblizović founded the jedler tekke of the Kashbendi Order. This was initially a room for the guard of the turbeh of the seven brothers, which was built along with the turbeh by Sulejman-pasha Skopljak around 1815. The tradition says that some of the sheiks were buried there, who came with Sultan Fatih.


Later, two dervishes were buried there, suspected and innocently executed on the occasion of the theft of money from the Sarajevo pagans in 1494. There were buried four captains also, whom Mustafa-pasha Dalbatan decided to destroy, because they did not inform in a timely manner of the army of Prince Eugen of Savoy in Sarajevo in 1697.


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