Kladopoljsko lake-The most beautiful lake in Bosnia

Kladipoljsko lake

Kladopoljsko lake-The most beautiful lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina The shallow is overgrown with water lilies, in summer, which is an ideal opportunity for fly fishing


Kladopoljsko lake is also called Martin`s well, by the well who is situated about 500 m from the lake. Its specificity is reflected in the spatial orientation, but also in the specific beauty, which attracts tourist.

When it comes to the visual appearance of this lake, it is known that the altitude is 1,380m. The lake is 250m long, 100m wide and about 9 meters deep. This Bosnian and Herzegovinian attraction abounds in brown trout, the lake is owned by Sportfishing Society “Ulog” from Ulog.

The name of the lake comes from the fact that it is full of logs, which float inside it. Parts of the logs, which located in the lake, are considered to be preserved and in good condition. The shallow is overgrown with water lilies, in summer,  which is an ideal opportunity for fly fishing (a method of fishing that uses bait – called artificial fly).

Location of Kladopoljsko lake

The location of this amazing destination is the mountain Zelengora, more precisely the road to Kalinovik. Zelengora is located within the National Park “Sutjeska”. The approach is from the village of Obalj, and it is located towards Ulog. It is surrounded by the Muravska side (1602m) and Planinica (1583m).

You can travel by off-road vehicle, and you have 15-10 minutes to walk to the main destination. From a story told by connoisseurs of this area, this area was once covered with forest cover, and the road by the lake was used to transport logs. This scenario dates back to Roman times. In the environment, visitors can find mushrooms and untouched nature.

It is considered that this area is extremely preserved, since it is not constantly visited. In the quest to discover the secret that this intriguing treasure carries with you, you can meet cattle keepers. Many of them point out that animals are simply crazy about getting these mushrooms into their bodies. The water from this lake flows out and sinks. While not a much-talked-about destination, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Written by Emina Čamić

Translated by Alma Gadžo

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