Boon is Neretva’s gurgle and an extra cup of coffee in Konjic

Boon is Neretva's gurgle and an extra cup of coffee in Konjic

Only those who immensely love follicle from which they evolved and winged know how difficult is to write about it. It is difficult to string words knowing that it can’t be written everything we know and feel. It is difficult to write about love, immeasurable love! That is the only way to love the city which is placed in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city where Neretva gurgles, the city where Zuko Džumhur put his tobbaco pipe in mouth and began with writing of new lines. That is the way to love the city of wood carvings where every motif is carved with a lot of love knowing that product which is made with love and sweat is going to be esteemed somewhere. You have to give it to get it, you must love to be loved. [umetnime] Zuko Džumhur was once asked: “What makes a human happy in life?“ He answered very simply: „Here in Bosnia we have one word which puts all that in one place, and it is – RAHATLUK (in English it can be translated as “boon“)! You can have millions, but if there is no rahatluk in your soul, you don’t have anything!“ And what is rahatluk? It is when wind blows from Neretva, when seagull flies from Trešanica, when heels jingle accros Ćuprija, when you hear call to prayer from Vardak’s mosque, when bells ring from monastery of Ivan Krstitelj. Šta je merak ? Merak is Konjic, merak is every Hercegovina’s cliff, merak is first coffee on Prenj, merak is celebrating Labor Day on Vrtaljica. Once upon a time Celts also enjoyed here when they named our green-eyed beauty Nera-Etwa, which means the divine river. And they weren’t wrong. “You didn’t get tired, you are still unconquerable, strong, you swing our causeys, and we even don’t know. You wake me up in the morning, at night you make me asleep. And then I break my sleep, but you are there, under the window. You keep me… Keep me…“ [umetnime] Summer? Summer is, dear guests, for Pazar and Tećija, only real inhabitants can tell you what that is and where that is. It is important to know that you will refresh yourself, sunbathe and absorb Neretva with every breath. Konjic is also Lazo Drljača, the last bogumil, as he liked to call himself. Konjic is Boračko jezero, Jablaničko jezero, Blatačko jezero. Konjic is home of the inhabited village at the highest altitude in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the home of Lukomir. Konjic is the home of the second deepest canyon in Europe, canyon of Rakitnica. When you are already there, you should have lunch in the city centre, try trout and relax in rafting. Next to that all, you need to hear the song called “Mrazevi“ (Frosts) interpretated by our Irina Kapetanović Perduv. When you wake up from a good sleep with first sun rays, you have to visit old city core. Knock on the door of the former home of Zuko Džumhur, have a walk in the Linden street Pave Anđelića, take photos on the Stone bridge from 1682. Beauty are mosques in Konjic, churches,  museum, bridges, rivers. Beauty are men and women from Konjic. [umetnime] You can sit on a bench in the heart of Konjic and look, just look. It is so small bazaar, so you can see everything, hills and mountains, and everything a human created and left there from 16th July 1382 until now. This bazaar is a pearl in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and when you visit all of them and catch the fancy of them, you will notice that you have a wonderful necklace. Wear it with pride and keep it in the most beautiful bin to never lose it.

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