Can you close your eyes to imagine yourself on a ski jump? Down below you, on your goal, a great crowd waiting for you to jump. Then when you finally get the strength and jump, you fly 75, 85 and finally land at 91 meters for the gold medal. You get to the finish line and then you cycle the path to Babin do, and you climb to 2000 meters and ski down a steep path to the target at 1200 meters of altitude. A warm tea and cheerful society is waiting for you. [umetnime] Yes, that was exactly ’84 at 25km from Sarajevo. There are also witnesses – skydivers, trails and lifts. Ah, that ’84 was weird and beautiful, cold and warm. At that time, active hops were at 70 and 90 meters. There were also Finches, Danes, Norwegians and Yugoslavs. They had one goal – to jump better, and today, unfortunately, most of the infrastructure is destroyed, but a lot has been updated and prepared for EYOF. Decorated with dense forests, the habitat is of many animals, and hunters are one of the favorite places for hunting, but besides hunting Bjelašnica and Igman offer other amenities such as alpinism, paragliding, riding, hiking, mountain biking, riding four-wheelers. There is a reserve with a high degree of biodiversity on Babina dolina and in the ravine valley. [umetnime] Bjelašnica is home to many traditional villages where visitors can get acquainted with the tradition and culture of the indigenous people. The most famous and most visited is Lukomir, although a multitude of culture and traditions of the indigenous people can be seen in Dejčići, Šabići and other villages that surround this mountain. It is interesting to note that on Bjelašnica the four seasons change in one day. On the other hand, Igman is a mountain with extremely high ozone concentrations, and as an air spa it is extremely suitable for training of sports teams. During the Olympics, a large field served as a competition in Nordic disciplines, and together with Bjelašnica there are about 50 kilometers of course for Nordic running and 160 marked mountain biking trails. Igman also has a unique locality of Mrazište (a phenomenon of thermal inversion), and the lowest temperature of – 43.5 ° C was recorded in January 1963, which is why once there was a silver fox breeding ground. [umetnime] At this point, there is a seasonal track, and pictures of autumn with new buildings in Babin dol are available in our gallery.

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