ZERINA KOZLO: “When you grow up into a musical family, it is inevitable that music becomes part of you”

ZERINA KOZLO: "When you grow up into a musical family, it is inevitable that music becomes part of you"

Music is an universal language that everyone understands. There’s a lot things in music that positively affects people and improves their mood. It is a special type of art in which an interpreter expresses exactly what can not be said, and what is hard to keep silent. An old folk says that musicians are the ones who make a lot of people happy, but at the same time they are people who do not like neighbors, because they are constantly disturbing peace. We, in our neighborhood, here in Kakanj, in the vicinity of Sarajevo, have found the real musical family Kozlo, and, at least to us, the authors of this article, music performed by this young artist does not bother us.


Since olden times, the Kozlo family spoke the universal language of music. Tradition, culture, chores and traditions of music were passed on to new generations. One of the youngest members of this music family is Zerina Kozlo. A young interpreter and artist who presents her talent through playing a flute, quite well. She started playing a flute in the seventh grade, after her friend suggested her that idea. She thought she would give up very quickly because she was in her teenage years, however her life turned her in the other direction, where she started slowly moving forward, building herself as an artist, with a continuous work and development. In the seventh grade of elementary school she joined ‘Rudarska glazba’ in Kakanj, whose  member she’s even today.


She attended the ‘Music School’ in Kakanj, and is currently attending ‘Srednja zubotehnicka skola’ in Zenica. Attending the ‘Elementary music school’ in Kakanj, she had a couple of performances at the shows in Kakanj and Zenica, where she was noted by the ‘Rudarska glazba’ conductor. To her great surprise, he offered her to join ‘Rudarska glazba’. Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity to present her artistic skills at the competitions.


Asked if there might be sensations from Kakanj, such as ‘2Cellos’, Zerina responded a bit more modestly, that it’s a big challenge, because they are a world-recognized duo, but that she has something else planned. Her plan is to join, with a couple of flutes, and make a band that would try to play famous ex Yu melodies and songs, and to make a breakthrough in the Blakans. She says it’s realistic because she tried to play some famous songs on flute, and since it’s a very innovative way of performing, she thinks people would be pleased to listen to her performances.

From the significant performances that Zerina had, she emphasized the performance at a concert of ‘Film Music’ organized in Kakanj and for which there was a great interest. It’s not a classic concert, but a slightly different performance, her father said that it’s actually a musical. The excellent performance of the musical has triggered many stories across the region, so young artists received a call for performances in Zagreb and other cities. However, financial resources enabled them to organize the musical in only a couple of nearby cities.

We talked to Zerina in Sarajevo, where we also recorded a promotional video clip worth watching and listening to!



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